Our Philosophy

The Highest Standards of Our Industry

Avantia GP offers service that meets the highest standards of the auditing industry, which is the infrastructure of the stock market.
There are 4 things that our members do; perform our best, think independently, judge accurately and work quickly as professionals at the forefront of our field.

Appropriately Sized Firm

Avantia GP aims our appropriately sized firm so that each member can fully demonstrate their ability and creativity.
We are building our organization to continue offering service that meets the highest standards of our industry while growing naturally.

True Partnership

Avantia GP pursues “true” partnership.
We continue to grow healthy by maintaining a tense and the high-quality control system, which involves building strong relationships of mutual trust and shared risk.

The Consistency the Organization

Avantia GP places a high value on the consistency of our organization.
We maintain high quality as a monolithic organization that is more than a simple aggregation of individuals, while at the same time showing each person's ability and originality to the maximum extent.